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Frequently asked questions

Can a foreigner purchase property in Turkey?


In real estate acquisition by foreigners in Turkey applies the principle of reciprocity.

This means that citizens from countries where Turkish citizens can buy property without restriction, problems may also acquire real estate in Turkey.

Overall, a foreigner may acquire up to 2.5 ha property ownership. In exceptional circumstances, which must be approved by the government, he/she may purchase up to 30 ha. It excludes strategic areas such as agriculture, irrigation, flora, fauna, energy production and military-security areas.

Associations, foundations, cooperatives and funds may not acquire real estate property.


The acquisition of land to a total of 30 hectares, up from 2.5 hectares, will be available soon.

The Council of Ministers has introduced, available from 20.01.2012, a draft law amending the Deed Law in Turkish parliament.

It establishes a list of countries whose nationals are allowed to purchase up to 30 acres of land and property. By Exemption law can be expanded up to 60 acres. The current reciprocity requirement is not applicable.

Why should you contact a licensed real estate agency?

The Turkish law committed, since the beginning of 2004, all real estate agents with a license. The license is obtained through training and subsequent testing at the Chamber of Commerce.

The license is a guarantee for a competent and conscientious approach in the everyday work of a real estate agency. It is very important that the licensed company is aware of the Turkish legal system that guarantees your safety.

To avoid hassles and frustrations you must employ the services of a professional real estate agency. Do not be taken in by a layman in the industry. Not infrequently, the cases that one or other field workers or greengrocers set up a shop and off we go with a real estate sale. Knowledge? None. This is precisely why the Turkish law has helped distinguish a reputable broker from an amateur.

We, IVM Alanya, are among the companies with a license and we provide our customers with a complete package of the knowledge of the Turkish Code, expertise in property market and individuality in customer care.

A licensed provider you will always accompany you from start until the actual purchase and answer any queries on all issues. Even after the property is purchased, we will provide you with advice and assistance.

Costs when buying a property.

The filing with the Land Registry and Cadastre Office and the military authorities - around 300EUR

Real estate transfer tax - about 3.3% of the value entered in the Land Register

Interpreter - about 50EUR

Notarial purchase contract (if required) - 0.01% of the value specified in the purchase agreement

Power of attorney (if desired) - less than 100EUR

Residential certificate / Iskan (if not present) - approximately 500 - 2,000 EUR

Current enrollment - about 100EUR or
Current re-registration - 60EUR

Water sign - about 80EUR or
Water re-registration - about 40EUR

Annual costs:
Annual property taxes - about 0.1% of the land register value (based on the type of property, location, size, year and equipment).

Monthly charges:
Water: consumption between 0.32 - and 0.87, - per 1 cubic meters

Power: consumption between 0.06 - and 0.17, - per KW / h

Waste disposal: depending on the location and size of the object 10, - to 40, - / year

Telephone costs:

Sign up for a port about 7, -

Monthly service fee € 5, -

Purchase procedure.
What is a Tapu?

TAPU is an official proof of ownership.
Unlike in Germany, properties in Turkey are valid only in the Land Registry (tapu Dairesi) and are transferred before the land registry officials (tapu memuru). The buyer receives a basic accounting evidence (Tapu).

In TAPU following information is given:

Type of property (land, land and buildings, etc.)
Information on independent unit
Size of Property
Address of the property
Name of the current owner
Photo of property owners
Land and lot number
Land share
The reason for the acquisition of property, etc.

When purchasing, it is useful to clarify the beginning, if the seller is actually registered in the land register as the owner, if the building is listed in the Tapu and whether the property is free from encumbrances.

Can I count on the support of IVM-Alanya in fulfilling the formalities?

Of course.

We will accompany you in the process of buying property in Turkey from the beginning to the actual purchase of your new property. From the first oznakomotielnogo tour, discuss the details of the support in the decision to transfer ownership documents in your hands. In addition, after completion of the transaction and we look forward to becoming your reliable support for all your questions.

Family members also get ownership of the real estate residence permit?

The residence permit can only first degree relatives was obtained (children up to 18 years).

Can I bring my car to Turkey?
Can I buy a car in Turkey?
How do I register to water and electricity?
How do I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills from banks.
You can also make a private bill collection centers also.

How Warming Houses in Turkey?

In all the buildings under construction, usually made ​​wiring for heating radiators and boilers.

In any case, you have the following options:

central heating

floor heating system


marble wall plate as a battery (voltage).

On the coast of Alanya with 300 days of sunshine a year, everyone decides for himself the question of heating as required. Do I need a central heating system for a couple of weeks, or you can will manage the above possibilities - a personal question.

What is Public Transportation in Alanya?

1. City bus.

Every few minutes operate bus lines in different directions. All bus routes are numbered and indicate the name of this route. At bus stops also vyveshany action plans of all existing city lines.

2. The bus service between Alanya and Antalya. From 07:00 to 23:00 you can use the services of coaches.

The airport bus you will need about 2 - 2.5 hours

3.Naryadu with urban lines in Alanya are small buses - dolmush. Dolmus buses are cheaper city lines, but less comfortable. Operate every couple of minutes in different directions of the city and its suburbs, and stop at the request of passengers.

4.Taksi. The cost of a taxi in Turkey lower compared with European countries.

The cost of a taxi to the airport of Antalya - about 60 € each way.

What Is Health Insurance in Alanya?

1. Private medical insurance.

  In Turkey, there are a number of insurance companies, we offer private health insurance. Prices and services vary from company to company.

2. State health insurance.

A person working under a contract with the employer is insured gosudarsvennym social insurance (SSK).

Health insurance for entrepreneurs in Turkey undertakes Pension Insurance Fund (Bag-Kur).

We can recommend insurance companies and assist you at the conclusion of the contract. Contact us.

What is the weather in the winter in Alanya?

Winter in Alanya (if you can call it winter in the conventional sense of the Russians) really soft. Many Europeans choose Alanya same time as a residence because of mild temperatures in the winter.

In December, temperatures - up to 18-20 degrees. January and February are considered the coldest months of the year - 10-15 degrees.

What is the Cost of Living in Turkey?

This frequently asked question can not be answered by naming a certain amount.

But clearly - is lower than in Europe or Russia.

Monthly costs for elektoenergiyu and water well below cost in Europe / Russia.

Supermarkets offer a wide range of food and other goods and are open 7 days a week. The value of purchases can variirovatsya depending on what is on your list.

Bazaars in Turkey offers a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products at low prices. For example, you can buy 1 kg. fresh tomatoes for 50 kuruses / 1 lira (0,20 - 0,40 €), 1 kg. potatoes for 0,40 €, 1 kg. apples just for 0,40 €, etc.

Restaurants Alanya offers the same great selection of destinations. Eg. a typical restaurant with Turkish cuisine will cost you quite inexpensive and offer fresh dishes of national cuisine. Also in Alanya, you can visit a number of restaurants serving international cuisine. In any case, you can set your cost of living according to your needs and abilities. The minimum limit, cost of living, lies lower than in the countries of Europe and Russia.

How to establish a company in Turkey?

To create a company in Turkey to the following:

1. Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

The residence permit can be obtained either in Turkey or in the Consulate of Turkey in the Lice home.

Required documents:

• 4 passport photos

• Passport (valid for the period of the desired duration of the residence permit)

• photocopy of the passport

• confirmation of financial status ($ 500 / month in a bank account for the duration of the residence permit).

2.Poluchenie permission to work in Turkey.

The work permit is issued in Turkey Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Turkey TURKEY or Consulate in your home country.

3. Next phased registration commercial status:

• Provide notarized articles of the company

• A notarized signature of the owner of the company

• Obtain permission from the Turkish Ministry of Trade

• Consent of the owner of the company with Article 29 of the Charter of the Commercial Register

• Deposit of share capital

• Membership in the Chamber of Commerce of the city.

In Turkey, the most prevalent form of the following companies:

• Limited Liability Company

• The Company

  1. Valid Passport
  2. 3 Passport Photos (3 cm x 4 cm)
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